Pumping Friendly Sites

The Coalition identified that some breastfeeding mothers who are out and about without their babies have a regular or occasional need for a private space to pump their milk.  These women could be police officers, postal workers, UPS drivers, cab drivers and others whose work is not in one location.  It may help women who need to be away from their babies on extended errands or have a meeting away from the office. 
Our criteria included privacy, a chair, surface for a pump and an outlet.  The identified sites welcome mothers with this need.  The range of comfort in these spaces varies greatly from dedicated space for this purpose to an empty (maybe cluttered) office and even large bathrooms with a table, chair and outlet at one end.  We hope that the information provided on each space is enough for you to decide for yourself if it meets your needs.
Wisconsin state law confirms a woman’s right to breastfeed her baby anywhere she may be that the public is allowed.  However, some women welcome the opportunity to breastfeed in a quiet private space for a variety of reasons.  These mothers may also appreciate the information below.
Click an area below to view Pumping-Friendly Sites:

Locations by zip code listed at MomsPumpHere website.

If you know of other spaces that are open to any woman in need of a place to pump, please let us know!  You can simply send us a message and someone will get back to you.

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