Breastfeeding Friendly Community Committee

Our Breastfeeding Friendly Community Committee enacts initiatives whose objective is to help nursing mothers feel welcome and supported in the community.

Pumping-friendly project: The Committee is currently identifying public and private spaces in the area that women may use if they need to pump breast milk. This will be helpful to women who need to locate such a space. These may be women working as police officers, UPS drivers or cab drivers or any woman who is outside of her home or away from her baby. We have begun an interactive map of the spaces that have been identified by the Coalition on our website. 

Healthcare Outreach Committee

Our Healthcare Outreach Committee provides outreach to healthcare practitioners and healthcare organizations. Current initiatives include:

  1. Improving communication between various members of the breastfeeding healthcare team (physicians, lactation consultants, WIC peer counselors, public health nurses) to improve lactation support to breastfeeding mothers and families. 
  2. Providing and improving breastfeeding education for physicians, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners that work with breastfeeding mothers. 
  3. Maintaining and improving breastfeeding-friendly policies in local hospitals and clinics. 

Breastfeeding Awards Committee

Our Breastfeeding Awards Committee plans, promotes and executes the Annual Community Breastfeeding Awards. Award nominations are accepted from the community. The Awards recognize those individuals and businesses in South Central Wisconsin who have advanced the goals of the Coalition in protecting, supporting, and promoting breastfeeding. Award recipients are presented with a plaque of acknowledgement from the Coalition at the awards ceremony, held each Spring. 

Breastfeeding Symposium Committee

Our Symposium Committee plans, promotes and executes our annual Breastfeeding Symposium in conjunction with Public Health Madison and Dane County. The first Symposium was first held in 2000 after a need was identified for advanced continuing education in breastfeeding medicine. The Symposium provides continuing education to healthcare providers who work with breastfeeding families with the end goal of increasing breastfeeding rates in South Central Wisconsin.

Get Involved: Volunteer!

If you're interested in working with any of our committees, go to our Volunteer Page.

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