About Our Bereavement Pump Program

Through our program, a bereaved mother who pumps and donates her milk can be reimbursed for the rental of a hospital-grade breast pump.  She may also be reimbursed for the cost of the required individual-use parts kit, if she has not been provided one by her hospital or health-care provider.

Why is this program necessary?

  • The (often life-saving) benefits of donor milk for sick and premature babies have been well-documented.  
  • In addition, the psychological benefits for bereaved mothers who donate breastmilk have been substantiated by research. 
  • Despite this information; in situations where her own baby has died, insurance companies usually refuse to cover the cost of a pump for the postpartum mother.  
Creating Awareness Donated milk is "liquid gold" for premature and ill infants, and it is our hope that this program will both assist grieving families and result in an increase in donor milk available.
This information can be very helpful for both grieving families and for healthcare providers who wish to learn more about providing support to bereaved postpartum mothers.  

    Why hospital-grade rental pumps?

    Hospital-grade rental pumps are important because they are generally more efficient than single-user pumps at bringing in and maintaining a milk supply - particularly when there is no baby to provide stimulation.  Furthermore, hospital-grade rental pumps are designed to be used safely by multiple users.  A rental pump can be used for the duration of time a bereaved mother wishes to pump and then can be returned for use by another mother.  This program uses the Symphony Pump from Medela, Inc.

    A human element...
    The loss of a child is devastating.  Grieving postpartum mothers deserve understanding and compassion.  The staff involved in this program are trained specifically to provide sensitivity to bereaved mothers. 

    Enrolling in the Program

    How does it work?

    1) Healthcare providers may refer a bereaved mother to a milk sharing organization - either the Mothers Milk Alliance or the HMBANA Milk Bank, as outlined on our Milk Donation page.  

    2) Pumps are provided to the program at cost. Pumps will be available for pick-up at Happy Bambino (4116 Monona Drive; Madison, WI).  If the bereaved family prefers not to enter the business, the pump rental contract can be completed over the telephone so the pump can be picked up by a family member/friend.

    Cost and Reimbursement
    The cost of the pump is $85 for the first month and $30 for each subsequent month.  Rental pump part kits are also available for additional cost.

    1) The family will pay for the pump via credit card. (Automatic payments will be recurring.)  
    2) A receipt for each monthly credit card charge will be sent to the family via email.  
    3) This receipt can be forwarded to Breastfeeding Coalition's treasurer (thebcscw@gmail.com) along with the number of ounces pumped the previous month and where they were donated (or stored) that month.  
    4) Our BCSCW treasurer will then issue a check to reimburse the family for the cost of the pump that month. The receipt for the initial charge (first month) can be forwarded immediately for reimbursement to thebcscw@gmail.com

    Questions or concerns?
    Please address any questions about the program to thebcscw@gmail.comsubject: Bereavement Pump Program.

    Donate to the Program

    A financial contribution that is earmarked for the Bereavement Pump Program will go specifically to cover the costs of the breastpump rentals for this program.

    Additional Resources for Bereaved Parents

    You can find additional information on our website under:

    Lactation After Loss

    Milk Donation

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