The Breastfeeding Coalition of South Central Wisconsin began in 1999 as the Madison Breastfeeding Promotion Network and evolved into a multi-county coalition in 2011. 

We are a nonprofit coalition of health care professionals, businesses, and community members that works collaboratively through action and eduction to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.  

Following is a highlighted list of accomplishments by topic:

Gold Award from the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition

The Breastfeeding Coalition of South Central Wisconsin is proud to announce that the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition has recognized the BCSCW with a 2013-2014 AND 2015-2016 GOLD AWARDS.

The GOLD AWARD is the highest-level award offered by the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition to member coalitions.

The BCSCW met nearly every possible criteria for consideration under the Gold category.

See our blog for more details.

Breastfeeding Symposium

The annual breastfeeding symposium was first held in 2000 after a need was identified for more education to support and promote breastfeeding in our community. The goal of the breastfeeding symposium is to increase breastfeeding rates in our community and to educate providers who work with breastfeeding families. 

The symposium has historically been a collaborative effort between Madison Breastfeeding Promotion Network/Breastfeeding Coalition of South Central Wisconsin and Public Health Madison and Dane County with the support of community organizations. 

To learn more, see our Symposium Page.

Community Breastfeeding Awards

The community breastfeeding awards were first held in 2008 to recognize those in our community who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the promotion, protection and support of the practice of breastfeeding. 

Categories have included Community Advocate, Legislative Advocate, Breastfeeding Friendly Employer, Breastfeeding Friendly business and Breastfeeding Friendly Daycare. Nominations are requested from the community and a panel chooses the finalists. 

An awards ceremony is held to recognize the finalists. Through media coverage it is hoped to bring positive coverage to the importance of breastfeeding in our community.

To learn more, see our Annual Breastfeeding Awards Page.

Member Accomplishments

  • Presentation to American Red Cross on Infant Feeding in an Emergency by BCSCW member, Jill Mallory, MD IBCLC 
  • Lactation Consultant (and BCSCW board member), Cathy Szudy, was given a Pinnacle Award from her employer, Meriter Hospital, for helping a mother to pump and donate breastmilk to the Milk Bank after the tragic loss of her newborn son.

Milk Depot/Milk Bank

The Mothers Milk Association milk depot started as an off-shoot of the Madison Breastfeeding Promotion Network in 2005. Members of the MBPN recognized that women had few options for donating milk, since shipping milk to the closest milk banks was financially prohibitive and delivering the milk by car was a huge commitment of time and money.

In recognition that the dream of establishing a Wisconsin milk bank is a worthy one, a few members of the MBPN decided to initiate a milk collection depot for women to donate milk. The Milk Bank of Wisconsin has now evolved into Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes.

Right to Breastfeed Act Advocacy

Members of MBPN lobbied in support passage of Wisconsin “Right to Breastfeed” Act by rallying community involvement and testifying at both the House and Senate hearings. The bill was signed into law in March 10, 2010 by Governor Jim Doyle.
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